Following approval at the AGM on April 11th 2013, the Association now uses WebCollect as its membership management and subscription collection system. Membership is now based on a monthly rolling subscription payable by direct debit - for anyone unable to pay by direct debit alternative arrangements will be made.

See the information below for details of WebCollect and how it works.

Anyone who would like help with the signup process should contact the Membership Manager on

Recruitment Rewards

To build on the existing numbers of adult players of Cricket and Rugby, the Association is now offering a payment to existing members who introduce new adult players to the Club.

The participating categories of membership subscriptions in WebCollect now include an "Introducing Member". When completing the signup process, the new member can enter the name of the existing member that introduced them.

On their 13th monthly subscription payment, the introducing member will be eligible to claim a payment equal to the 12 monthly subscriptions paid by the new member.

For the payment to be made, both members must be up to date with their subscriptions.

If a new member signs up with a Development subscription, the amount payable would be equal to the playing subscriptions applicable to their age - i.e. for an adult player over 22, this would be £75.00.

20% Bar Discount for Members

Membership CardCredit card style membership cards are issued to members who sign up for WebCollect or pay an annual equivalent in full. These can be swiped at the Bar till for a 20% discount.

Please note that the membership / discount cards are not available from the Bar. You need to sign up with WebCollect and set up a membership subscription first - your card should be available within a few days. Contact the Membership Manager on for further information if needed.

Why use WebCollect?

Collection of annual subscriptions has caused many problems every year, with some people finding it difficult to pay the full amount on time. With Cricket and Rugby being played at different times of the year, no single annual date for subs collection can coincide with the start, middle or end of both sport's season.

As opposed to membership subscriptions being paid annually, membership is now on a rolling monthly basis with payments being made by direct debit. Special arrangements are available for members who don't have access to a bank account.

The advantages of paying by monthly direct debit are:

  • The amount payable each month is very low.
  • Payments are automatic.
  • Members can join or resign from the Association at any time of the year without over or under paying.
  • The Association has an accurate record of its members and their contact details.
  • Members can be contacted quickly and easily through the system.
  • Instead of subscriptions coming at different times, a regular monthly income will enable easier management of the Association's budget, including the monthly payments for the Development loan from the RFU.

How does it work?

Members buy subscriptions online at and create an account as part of the process. Those buying multiple memberships - e.g. For Adults and Juniors - a Family Group is automatically set up.

After subscriptions have been added to the online shopping basket, the checkout process transfers to the web site of the company that handles the Direct Debiting - the company is called GoCardless and is a Financial Services Authority regulated Small Payments Institution.

After setting up an account at GoCardless, the process returns to WebCollect for the final confirmation that the subscriptions and membership have been set up.

After a couple of days the direct debit details should show as "GoCardless Ltd" on your bank account and monthly debits should then start.

The Direct Debit Date

If a new subscription is set up during the first part of a month, a payment will be taken for that month. If a new subscription is started within the last 10 days of a month, then the first payment taken will cover the following month.

First payments can take around a week to be processed due to the time taken to set up the direct debit.

Following payments will be taken on around the 2nd or 3rd of each month.

The Signup Process

The signup process for WebCollect and GoCardless is straightforward -

  • Choose a subscription
  • Enter account and contact details and family members if required
  • Setup the direct debit with GoCardless
  • Confirm the details

The screenshots below go through the process. If you click on any of them you'll be able to go forwards and backwards through the process with the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

If you have any problems or suggestions, contact the Membership Manager on

WebCollect Home

To subscribe to the Association through WebCollect, go to, where you should see an initial screen like this.

If you've already signed up, use the "Access your account" button to get to a logon screen from where you'll be able to see details of your membership and those of others in your group.


Choose Subscriptions

To sign up for the first time, click "Browse Subscriptions" on the right, which should take you to the screen that lists the different types of subscriptions, which should look like this:

If you're setting up an individual subscription, find the one you need in the list and click "Add to basket".

If you're setting up more than one subscription, find them in the list, enter the number of each you need and then click "Add to basket". You can change what's in your basket later.

Once you have what you need, check what you've selected by clicking the "My basket" at the top right of the screen and then click the "Checkout" button.


Setup Account or Sign In

The next screen give you the option of signing in to an existing account, or setting up a new one - it also enables you to request a password if you need one for an existing account.

Complete your name and email details and enter a password of your choice.

If more than one membership subscription is placed in the basket, then at Checkout, two options are displayed - select the "for my Family..." option and for details of how to set up family members look at the section on Group Memberships.

Complete the details and click "Save"


Address Details

At the next screen, complete your address details and click "Save"


Assign Members to Subscriptions

At the next screen you'll need to assign members to subscriptions, but for an individual member, there will not be any names to assign.

Click "Confirm and Proceed".


Order Summary

The next screen gives the order summary - the details of the membership subscriptions being bought.

The only option for payment is by online direct debit and so after checking the details are correct, click "Enter payment"


At this point you will leave the WebCollect web site and go to where an online Direct Debit form will be presented. This will need name, address and email details, along with bank account information on which to set up the Direct Debit.

After completing this information, click the yellow "Next" button at the bottom of the screen. After setting up a password, click Next to return to the WebCollect site and click "Place Order" to complete the membership subscription setup process.

A message should be displayed and an email generated to confirm that the subscription has been set up.

Group Memberships

WebCollect enables family groups to sign up together and pay through one direct debit.

The process of buying subscriptions and assigning them to individuals is as follows...

Adding Family Members

At the Family Members screen, use the "Add new Family member" on the right to add the names of those you are setting up membership subscriptions for. If you want them to receive emails from the Club directly - e.g. with updates about their sport - set up their email addresses, otherwise check "No" to "Has own email?".

Once the names have been set up, match them to the subscriptions using the dropdown list boxes.

Once complete, click "Proceed to Family details".


Adding Family Member Details

At the Family Details screen, use the tabs to complete information as required.

The Date of Birth must be completed as it is required for the Club's Membership card system.

When all details have been completed as required, click "Proceed" to move to the Order Summary and complete the payment setup process as for an Invividual member.



Membership & Subscriptions Rules

  • Membership of the Association is managed through WebCollect -
  • Membership subscriptions are collected monthly by direct debit using GoCardless -, a Financial Conduct Authority regulated Small Payments Institution.
  • Membership is maintained on a monthly basis, based on a rolling monthly subscription payable by direct debit through GoCardless.
  • A member’s subscription starts within one month of their joining and is payable monthly by variable direct debit.
  • If a member has a payment outstanding for more than 1 month during their first year of membership, they cease to be a member.
  • After a year of membership, a member who misses 3 months payments ceases to be in membership.
  • A former member cannot re-join for a period of 1 year, without payment of missed subs.
  • A member who moves to a lower priced subscription cannot access the facilities of the higher priced subscription for a period of 1 year, without payment of missed subs.
  • For anyone unable to use direct debit, membership is payable annually on the first of the following month following their joining and can be paid by cheque or cash.
  • Membership cards will be issued to members and can be used at the Bar to obtain a member discount.
  • The benefits offered through Membership are not transferrable.
  • Replacements for lost / damaged cards can be ordered online through WebCollect for £1.00.