Changing Facilities ~ 2012

Summer 2012

After years of planning and fundraising, the Association can now announce that the development work started at the Club by Wirral Builders Ltd on Wednesday 28th March was completed on Friday 7th July 2012.

The development has replaced the old changing rooms with facilities that meet the standards approved by the RFU and Sport England. These include the amount of space available for each player as well as the number of showers, toilets and their location.

The work has seen the separation of the changing facilities from the social areas of the Clubhouse, with each having separate access and separate toilet facilities.

Although the Association has received financial assistance from the RFU and Biffa to enable the development work to take place, a significant amout of funding has been raised from members who have donated to the Development Fund over several years.

The Changing Rooms PlanThe changes now complete are Phase 1 of a two phase plan, for which further funding will be needed. Information on donating to the Development Fund is available below.

For a plan of the new layout of the changing areas, click on the graphic on the right which is linked to a PDF.

The Association would like to thank everyone who has helped make this work possible.

This includes those who have been involved in the development of the plans and getting access to substantial funding, as well as the members whose donations have been, and will continue to be, so important.

Development Diary ~ 2012

Friday 30th March: Currently the whole of the existing changing and bathing area and gents toilets have been demolished and work has started to consruct the new changing room walls.

Tuesday 10th April: After the Easter break good progress is being made. Most of the demolition has now been completed including changing rooms, bath/shower area and gents/ladies toilets. New drainage channels have been dug for new shower rooms and blockwork and studded walls have been built.

Thursday 19th April: The block work for the Referee's room has been completed and the construction of the changing rooms is nearly finished. Electrical cabling is being fitted. More photographs have been added to the Development collection. Click on the link on the right to seem them.

Thursday 26th April - Foundations completed for steelwork support under water storage tank, new drainage channels have been dug for all changing rooms and toilets, blockwork walls started for new social toilet area, first fix electrical wiring is almost complete and doors fitted to new boiler plant room.

Thursday 3rd May - Blockwork for the new social toilets is well underway and other areas are about ready for plastering. A lot of work has been done to excavate the old drains, which weren't fit for purpose, and to lay new. Photos of the work in progress have been added - click on the image above to get to the slideshow.

Thursday 10th May - The new drainage pipework is largely complete and is expected to be checked and signed off next week. One of the windows in the old gents toilets has been bricked up and the second will be done next, with a new doorway to occupy part of the space. This week's pictures include a shot of what was the copse, but has now been cleared to give additional parking space.

Thursday 17th May - The drainage pipework is now complete and infill is well under way. Supporting walls and girders are in place to support the main water feed tank in the loft (3 tons worth of water!). The work done to date has now been checked and signed off by Building Inspectors and the project has moved into the final phase which will run through to completion.

Thusday 24th May - With drainage work now complete, plasterwork is underway, with the walls and ceilings in the new social toilets complete and work ongoing in the changing rooms. Exposed blockwork in some areas is to be painted. An additional doorway to the plant room is being cut, as is a new entrance to the bar cellar.

Friday 1st June - Plastering is now complete and the floors were screeded yesterday. Today the fixings for the Polysafe flooring are being put in, which consists of a wooden pelmet and a curved mount. These support the flooring, which after heat welding forms a highly durable, sealed layer. A new doorway has been completed, with the old now bricked up.

Tuesday 12th June - The Polysafe flooring is now 99% complete. Tiling of the social toilets has now underway and the toilet fixtures and fittings has now started. The bar cellar door move is now complete. The electrical fitting work is underway, including the new fan heaters for the changing room.

Wednesday 20th June - Tiling in the social toilets is moving toward completion and the fixtures and fittings are going in. The tiling in the changing room showers is well underway and the shower floors are under construction.

Tuesday 26th June - With the end of the refit now in sight, the final fit out is well underway, with toilets and showers to be finished this week. The changing room benching is under construction with the American ash planking being fitted to the custom made metalwork. The temporary toilet and changing room facilities are to be removed in the next few days with the new facilities being ready for the weekend.

Click for more picturesTuesday 3rd July - With the Portakabins being removed last week, the new changing facilities were used for the first time on Saturday. The work is now in its final phase and Wirral Builders are expecting to hand over in the next few days.

Friday - 7th July - The work is now complete and Chris Jones from Wirral Builders handed over the keys to Paul Corvers today with Mike Tynan from The Ratcliffe Partnership, the architects, also present.